Best Tech Deals for Under $100

Best Tech Deals for Under $100

For around $100 — or less — you can pick up lots of high quality and useful tech gear. Read on to see our current picks in this price class, and look for updates as new products are released or older products get discounted. Check out these best tech deals for less than $100 for your gift giving this year!

The Roku 2

Roku Best Tech Deals for Under $100

In the spirit of “if it ain’t broku, don’t fix it,” Roku added voice search to its $99 Roku 3. It also removed a couple of features from its second-best box, the $69 Roku 2, while turbocharging its response time. The Roku 2 is now just as fast as the Roku 3, and as snappy as any other streamer we’ve tested.

Meanwhile the features reserved for the Roku 3 all reside in the remote: voice search, point-anywhere Wi-Fi control and the headphone jack for private listening. All are pretty cool and work well, but not one is essential. If you won’t use them much, and want to save $30, then buying a new Roku 2 instead is a no-brainer.

Best tech deals for less than $100 – Amazon Fire TV (2015)

AmazonFire Tv Best Tech Deals for Under $100

Amazon’s Fire TV does have some cool advantages over Roku and competing devices, including excellent parental controls, great support and the ability to work with tricky hotel and dorm-room Wi-Fi systems (although Roku recently added that last feature). The new Fire TV box also delivers next-generation 4K video for less than any other 4K-compatible streamer, although most 4K TVs have built-in apps that can do the same thing. Plus, its new Alexa voice assistant feature offers cool tricks like replying to your queries about the weather and adding stuff to a to-do list.

Best tech deals for less than $100 – Logitech MX Master

Logitech MX Master Best Tech Deals for Under $100

While somewhat pricey, the Logitech MX Master’s expansive feature set and smooth operation make it a worthwhile purchase for power users seeking a high-performance wireless mouse.

Best tech deals for less than $100 – JBL Flip 3

JBL Flip 3 Best Tech Deals for Under $100









JBL’s third-generation Flip wireless speaker has a more streamlined, splashproof design and better battery life (at 10 hours), while the price remains the same at $100, £100 or AU$150. And as with all such speakers, the JBL plays any audio content from a Bluetooth-enabled source — nearly any smartphone or tablet, and most recent computers — so long as it’s in the same room, or relatively nearby.

Best gifts for under $100

With a moderate budget of $100, you have access to some of the best video streamers, wireless speakers and headphones on the market. Here are our top choices for gifts you can buy with a single Benjamin.

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