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What We Now Call Traditional Website Design

Your website is likely to be in this category. We have designed some very effective and functional websites using this approach. In some cases its may be best to create a separate site just for mobile or even an App. It depends on the requirements of the sites features and functionality. In most cases a Responsive Design is the best design. However, highly complex sites sometimes require a more traditional approach. Interfaces to enterprise level application like MRP and ERP system often require the kind of control that can only be achieved by this design.


High Volume Supply Chain Compliance and Punch-out Ready

Real Lighting began in 2003 with the idea that today’s businesses want immediate service and prompt delivery for necessary items. We deliver on that expectation by providing you with your light bulbs, ballasts and other lighting products with two-day local delivery or same-day shipping.

Our process is simple. We provide you a quote based on your fixture schedule or your specific requests. When you first order, we fill that order out of our current stock immediately. Any specialty items will be shipped or delivered within 5 business days. After that, those specialty items will be added to our current stock to make sure that you have your product when you need it. Our broad variety of suppliers allow us to beat any competitor’s pricing.

With over 70 total years of industry experience, Real Lighting can offer you suggestions on energy-savings and long life products to help your bottom line. Real Lighting strives to be your most helpful vendor. Longer lived bulbs and inexpensive delivery save you time and money. Full stock levels mean that you are never without lights. Helpful customer service means you get your product when you need it. The right product… every time.


Storm Water Tax Credit Auditing

New EPA water quality regulations will change the face of land development. Our experts can supplement your design team and keep you in compliance with the following:

  •  Post-construction BMP’s
  •  SWPPP, SWIP or SWP3 plans
  •  LEED or “green” sustainable site development projects
  •  EPA Storm water permits and inspection
  •  Water Quality Pond and bio-swales
  •  Riparian setback or Flood Plain Certificate
  •  NEORSD Storm water fee credits


Secure HR Support

For over 25 years we have helped companies establish ethics and employee communications hotlines and reporting systems for a diverse group of organizations.

Our specialty is the implementation of our 1-800/e-mail reporting systems to discover problems, issues, and ethical concerns in the workplace. When employees feel they cannot communicate a concern for whatever reason (fear of retaliation, shame, shyness, peer pressure) they often turn to outside parties and counsel for relief. We can give your employees the ability to safely and discreetly voice concerns and alert management to important issues so you can quickly address and mitigate them within your organization. At HR Correct we provide the tools so that employee issues are solved within the company where they can be handled most effectively. Find out more About Us, then look at our Services to see what HR Correct can do for your organization.

Most leading employer groups recommend an anonymous reporting system like HR Correct to ensure ethical compliance and a positive employee environment.

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