Mobile Websites

iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone

It’s best to have your site designed to be Responsive…What does that mean, a web design that automatically fits any screen, this makes the search engines like Google happy and helps you to maximize how well you are found when your current and future clients seek you out for your products and or services.

We can create a mobile only site, this is a site in addition to the site you have today. A mobile website can be very affordable. Mobile Websites are singularly focused the native design for mobile devices like the iPad, Android, Kindle etc. A Mobile website in some cases can be as powerful as an ‘App’, just like those you download from the Online Marketplaces hosted by Apple and Google.

A quick three reasons your business should go mobile

1. Consumers are constantly on the go

You know how it is – you go from appointment to appointment, dropping kids off, picking up dry-cleaning. It’s a never-ending day. This means consumers are away from their computers and on their phones. And many of them consume information just on their mobile phone. Capture this movement and get mobilized!

2. Make it easy to read PDF (by not using them)

PDF take up a lot of space on smartphones and can drain batteries. It’s why mobile users hate them. Whether you’re a restaurant with online menus or a service repairman with a brochure of services online, ditch your PDF for text to create a better user experience.

3. Make it easy to find important information quickly

When your site isn’t optimized for iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices, it’s hard to find information fast. Users often have to tap to zoom, move the page around and find your tiny phone number. With a mobile site, important information is better displayed for mobile users. For example, a pizza place would have their phone number at the top of their mobile site and a promotion for free delivery.


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