Social Media Presentation

Definition – the way in which electronic communications are designed and arranged to allow a consumer to visit a few or even one location to interact with all social media content.

Yea, okay, what does that really mean? In short, it’s how you use Social Media on your website.

Your website should use your social media to enhance the site visitor experience by presenting relevant content in context with your brand, products and services. This serves to keep the visitor interested and to provide new and timely information keeping your site fresh and up to date. This is true of a Responsive Design, a Mobile Only website as well as Traditional Website Design

We cover under Social Media Distribution how you can efficiently spread your message across all your social media channels. It’s at this phase of preparing an Internet presence strategy that decisions about your Social Media Presentation are key.

We then plan, implement and measure the strategy to ensure we maximize your Social Media Presentation. The simple goal is to add value to your website visitors experience. It’s important to remember that you are leveraging the content you have in order to meet your goals. If you look on the right sidebar of this page you will see feeds from Twitter. This is one technique we can use to keep social media relevant.

Sharing what you Present

 Americans Struggle To Escape The Office On Vacation from Niall McCarthy, May 29th, 2015 According to a…

Installing sharing tools will allow a visitor to share what they’re reading with others via social networking. Not only is social media distribution the fastest way to spread a brand’s message but it also gives the customers a voice. Customers can give instant feedback on products and services. Loyal and satisfied customers will share what they find to be valuable. You can see below and above this text options to share this page with ANY social media platform or channel. We want to make sure we cover what are now the popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, you don’t want to limit your site visitor to only the social media you think they wish to share. Instead they have the option of using the Share Icon and finding a Huge selection of social media choices for sharing.