Tired of those PayTV Cable Box Fees

Tired of those PayTV Cable Box Fees?

You know how it goes you see the ad on TV and it says get TV, the Internet, and Home Phone for the low price of “Enter the Misleading  Monthly Cost” here! What they don’t include are the costs for those PayTV Cable Box Fees.

How many TV’s do you have? Do you want to be able to record shows and movies so you can watch them later? Well, let’s add up a few things.

  • Monthly Service $100.00
  • HD Boxes $40.00
  • DVR Boxes $20.00
  • Internet Box $10.00

Your new not so low monthly cost is NOW Just $170.00!

WAIT, I thought the cost was going to be $100.00!! If this is what you have been experiencing? They left out the cost of those PayTV Cable Box Fees. There is an alternative. Did you that it’s the LAW that PayTV Cable providers must offer you a ‘Cable Card’ for either FREE or a VERY LOW Price!

What’s next? Check out the price for a Cable Card then take a look at the HD Boxes you can own and put that Cable Card into your own Cable Box.

One of these ‘MAGIC BOXS’ is made by a Company called SiliconDust. Yes, there are others too and we will blog about those too so check back later. SiliconDust offers a number of solutions. You can read more using the links below and determine what might be best for your home entertainment. SiliconDust also offers DVR services!

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HDHomeRun PRIME 6 – SiliconDust

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