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There are three considerations for maximizing your technology.


How Do You Access And Use Information?

If you’re like most people you have more than one device to access the Internet. Your customers do as well and you need to be sure everyone who is interested in your business can access your website content, no matter what they are using.

Companies like Google are telling everyone that if your site doesn’t support mobile devices they will make it harder for people to find you.

The Challenge – Make Sure My Customers Can Access My Website

Accessing Your Website

How Do You Approach This Challenge?

  • Find A Solutions That Has A Technology Advantage
  • Determine What Should Be Changed
  • Find Out How Often Your Content Should Change
  • Understand What It Cost Today
  • Know What The Ongoing Costs Will Be
  • Establish How Progress and Success Will Be Measured


The Solution – Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

How Does a Responsive Website Meet These Challenges?

    • Responsive Design is New Technology Ready
    • Your Website will Display on any size screen
    • Content Changes Are Much Faster and Easier
    • Your Website is Build with Best Practices Already Built In




Are Your Applications Working With You?

You most likely have several software application that you’re using today to run your business. Most businesses have an accounting software package such as Quickbooks.

You may also have an application that’s designed for your business. Perhaps you’re using  Dentrix if you’re a Dentist, or maybe you’re in the HVAC business or Landscaping business and you’re using Smart Service Software for Scheduling, and Dispatch

You may be spending more time jumping from system to system than you’d like. In many cases these applications must be integrated so they’re are working together. So how do you get started and what do you gain?


The Challenge – Making Everything Work Together


Quickbooks Software Intigration

What will you gain by meeting this challenge?

  • Eliminate entering information over and over
  • All your software is now working together freeing up valuable time
  • You have quick access to the information you need to manage your business
  • Productivity increases and frustration decreases
  • Your customer is better served and that makes everyone happy!

You may be surprised to learn how few companies have these essential tools working together, allowing for an efficient flow of information. Now the most challenging question. How do you get this done?


The Solution – Software Integration


UDA Construction Software Solutions Quickbooks Intigration

How Do You Meet This Challenges?

  • Find an expert with experience
  • Have a plan created with defined goals
  • Understand In Non Technical Terms What Must Done
  • Make decisions based on the value of the plans results
  • Have your employees trained
  • Make improvements on an ongoing basis



Can Your Customers Find You?


The Challenge – Optimization Make Sure My Website Can Be Found


Finding Your Website Online

How Do You Approach This Challenge?

  • Determine if customers are finding you  online today
  • Are you providing the information they want and need?
  • How Do you know if you need a new website
  • Should you use social media?
  • Can You Use Social Media?
  • What Are The Costs?




The Solution – Find An Expert and Make a Plan



Finding Your Business Online SEO

How Do You Meet These Challenges?

  • Have your current website audited
  • Have the results explained to you in plain english
  • Make informed decisions on your options and their value
  • Use a professional to develop a plan and get started
  • Measure the results of the Plan
  • Measure Everything You Can About Your Website
  • Make Changes As Needed
  • Consider Marketing Campaigns


The challenging part is how to know your doing the right things. We can help you to cut through the jargon and focus on ensuring your customers, vendors and employees have what they need and that your information remains secure.Information Technology Consulting.

Connected    Integrated  Efficient    Responsive  Flexible

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